Comments From Our Readers

I am a Shiatsupractor and one of Kensen Saito's first students to graduate from the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo. The SHIATSU-DOH book is an invaluable contribution to the shiatsu [and health therapy] community, nationally and internationally, because it provides the background and history of Shiatsu's development and the struggles to bring this healing art form to North America. As a Shiatsu practitioner, I enjoy reading and find comfort in Kensen's stories of the successes, experiences and benefits of shiatsu that he brought to his patients, people who are from all walks of life.

Grace Visconti, Shiatsupractor, Calgary, Alberta

"This book is a beautiful and inspiring story. It describes Namikoshi Shiatsu in simple everyday language and provides the essential information on how to stay healthy without pills or needles. Anyone can read it and "get it".

Ross Oakes, Chaplain, Mississauga, Ontario

"I was fascinated when reading about the Japanese healing art, Shiatsu, and how it improves health and leads to an enhanced way of living. I could not put the book down. Written with great conviction and knowledge, the book is full of information on how to achieve and maintain a healthy body."

Betty Russell, Homemaker, Saint John, New Brunswick

Shiatsu-doh is a captivating book about the healing art of Shiatsu, from a Japanese Master. As the author documents his journey around the world spreading a healing touch that has reached the lives of many people, his teachings and theories of Shiatsu explain the health benefits of a relaxed body while allowing the mind to focus, creating centered energy. Most of what the body needs to heal itself lies within, a true insight to the spiritual way of Japanese thinking.

Kimberly Anderson, Realtor, Florida USA